Longarm Machine Quilting Services by

Virginia Longarm where A Needle Runs Through It


Machine Quilting Worksheet – please include with your quilt project

All quilts are trimmed to one inch (1″) unless otherwise requested.

Leftover batting and backing material will be returned with the quilt.

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Proper Quilt Preparation will save us time and you money. By following the preparation steps below, you can avoid time delays and “add on charges”.

  • Press your quilt top and backing thoroughly.
  • Place a safety pin at the top of both the quilt and backing fabric.
  • If you pre-wash your fabrics, it is best to pre-wash all of them.
  • Clip all loose threads from back and front of quilt top.
  • Square up backing fabric or we will have to charge you to do it.
  • Your backing and batting must be a minimum of 4” larger than your quilt top on all four sides.
  • Do not baste, pin or tack your quilt together. Just fold each piece.
  • When seaming your backing, be sure to remove all selvages.
  • Be aware that fullness and puckers which have been pieced in, cannot be quilted out.

Border Tips:

  • Avoid handling your quilt by the borders once they have been attached. This can stretch them and cause them to become loose and wavy.
  • Straight borders cut from the length of the grain, (parallel to the selvage) lay much flatter than those cut cross-grained.

Add-on Charges:

If your quilt requires additional preparation upon its arrival, the following charges will apply. You will be notified via phone or email before work is done.

  • Squaring backing: $10.00
  • Pressing: $10.00
  • Piecing backing: $10.00 per seam

Binding Services:

We are happy to do the finishing touches by binding your quilt for you.

We do both straight and bias binding: cut at 2 ¼ inches, folded and then pressed in half. The binding is attached to the front of the quilt by machine, then wrapped to the back and sewn down by hand whipping giving your quilt the final “Finished Touch”.

Your binding options are listed below:


Full Binding – Hand Whipped

  • You supply the fabric and we will make the binding, attach and hand whip it down.
  • $ 0.39 per linear inch

Make and Attach

  • You supply the fabric and we will make the binding and attach it so that you can hand whip down.
  • $0.19 per linear inch

Attach Only

  • You provide the binding and we will attach it for you so that you can hand whip down.
  • $ 0.11 per linear inch


Shipping Information:

Please be sure to pack your quilt carefully and ship to:

A Needle Runs Through It / Virginia Longarm
2085 Valpark Drive
Oilville, VA 23129
  • A confirmation will be emailed upon receipt of your package.
  • Our standard shipping fee includes $100.00 insurance per package.  More coverage available upon request.
  • All packages will be returned to you via UPS or Priority Mail.
  • An email including tracking information will be sent when your quilt is shipped.